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Your Easter Egg 2017

Easter is of course a religious festival, but the Easter Egg represents something more. I'm going to dodge a number of social pitfalls and cut straight to the point - the egg The Egg represents the start of something new. In all of our lives, an egg represents...

The Fuzzy Stuff

If you clicked on this title (The Fuzzy Stuff) then you are inquisitive. By the time you are reading this you should understand that not everything that you write on your blog has to have a keyword in it. Not everything you write has to have a goal, a target, a CPC or...

Social Media Trends 2017

Here we are, well into 2017 and looking at what is happening in Social Media. You can check out our other posts in the blog about how a website should work for you, but the essence of our opinion is that your website is of very little use unless you make it work for...

The Best Golf Community website in America!

We would love to brag about and show-off our brand new, all singing, all dancing, new "Member's Only" web portal that Opus Creo has built for one of our clients!  Unfortunately, you would have to buy a home at Achasta Golf Club to have access! 🙂 Suffice it to say,...

Better Eyesight Now

The concept behind this design comes from the Client providing a holistic approach to improving eyesight. The colors are in harmony, consisting of Red, Green and Blue that create 'light', moving from Red (which is bad) to Green (which is good). Red and Green also...

Opus Creo’s Q1 2017 Promotional Video

This is our new promotional video, specifically made for a new Facebook Advertisement we are running. The challenges when making a video like this come mainly from the short amount of time that you have to get a message across. We tend to focus on keywords that stay...

Chicken & Egg – Getting your Website Launched

This post is really simple and it is for all those people out there that are launching a new Website. Your Website is nothing but a bunch of code and a bunch of text. Until it is hatched, it cannot do anything for you. Once it hatches into a baby website on launch...

Glitter not Litter – Logo Sting

Not every logo, or every cause, lends itself to a video. For us at Opus Creo, just the name Glitter not Litter suggested a transition...what better way to express that than a video. We think there are going to be creating a lot of video based campaigns for Glitter not...

Opus Creo puts together another great event!

Opus Creo brings client groups together through Brand Association Events. We take great pride in our ability to bring the right people together with the right products. When you have a great new model home  (Client: Lee Wagner Custom Homes) in a re-launching Golf...

Custom Fields

This is a more technical article about Market Automation. What is a Custom Field? A custom field is most easily described as something you ask a prospect or customer of yours on your website. Maybe you want to know their birthdate, perhaps their favorite color....

Marketing Automation #2

In Marketing Automation #1 we introduced the idea that other than just sitting looking pretty, your website could be doing more for you. Rather than just offering your phone number and e-mail address, your website can encourage prospects to engage with you and then...

SEO is Dead – Long Live Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a phrase that was very quickly invented at the outset of Web Based Search Engines. Once the search engines started, it didn't take long for web developers and online marketing experts to figure out that they could manipulate the results. This was very clever...

Marketing Automation #1

If you are reading this then you probably either know what this is and want to know what we have to say, or you have no idea what this is and you are trying to learn. Either way...welcone to Opus Creo and our blog. To us, Marketing Automation is, without stating the...

Story Telling #1

Telling a story can be seen in many ways. True or false are generally considered as the extremes of a story told. How can we tell the difference between true and false?

Search Engine Optimization #1

SEO is a term that describes your fight to artificially elevate your site status on a search engine while the Search Engines resist every attempt you make to do that. As a small business owner myself, my first advice would be "don't fight with Google". Most people,...

Our New Website is Launched

It is long overdue, but here it is... our updated website and blog. As always, we are always too busy doing everybody else's marketing to do our own, so progress is always slow but we get there in the end. So please take some time to look around. We have a...


A merger between two companies that produce Herbal oils. Taking aspects of both company logos and merging the colors and themes.

Kingwood Resort Golf Community

An 18 Hole Golf course with on-site Hotel, Golf Tee-Time and Dining Reservation. The site is built on a solid marketing automation system that automates communication with the various profit centers.

Future Living

A Property developer that makes flexible homes where the home is divided into two parts by a communal door.

Maddy Moose

Ethical products company that specializes in up-cycling products in Glass, Wood and Fabrics Maddy Moose

Achasta Golf Club

Full Marketing and e-commerce platform for the Achasta Golf club, including Tee-Times and the members and residents system.


MaddyMoose makes ethical products, mostly from upcycling wood and glass. Their main line is made from recycled bottles turned into table candles with natural wax and fragrances.

Glitter Not Litter

A quick design brief to create a logo for a litter campaign (the shovel and pick emblem and the words glitter and litter... go!) We used Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator to produce the design and a team decided the final details before presentation.

Gym Promote

A sales platform that sells market automated website to the Gym Industry. The site is styled like a gym website, but actually promotes the Gym consultancy services


Both a promotional and an e-commerce site. Offering the purchase of a website or a subscription toward a website.


A web build and rent provider that offers services for small business entrepreneurs that have to work outside their normal hours.

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