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InfusionHard Logo

A simple logo that took its inspiration from a number of other logos and combined them together using familiar colors and shapes to make a very new logo.

elan Vape

The elan logo started out as 'elite'. Due to searches and contention with the trademark for elite, it was decided to change the name to elan. The subsequent trademark application was approved, so that elite could be used, but it was decided by then that elan was the...

Opus Creo

We did, of course, design our own logo. Based originally on a famous tone of Blue, but made versatile by the background that it is used on.

Pranava Life

A 'Pop-up' yoga studio that travels between venues to provide yoga to people close to where they live.


A less glamorous site without much imagery, but built on the backbone of BuddyPress to create a discussion forum

RE/MAX – Valentines Day Promotion

This video was created to target the younger market that might be making commitments during the valentines season and looking to buy a property together. the video is designed to be engaging enough to keep people watching without pushing too much for a CTA until the...

Stella Maris

A Real-Estate Construction company. the web site needed to promote the location as well as different floor plans and options for sale.

The Monaco Club

The Monaco Club is a by-invitation-only networking group. The Website maintained the events calendar and also provided links to supporting members and their business.

Fortune Bridge Consultants

A financial investment consultancy, specializing in international investment in real-estate combined with immigration. The logo represents city buildings, corporate Blue and an increasing investment chart.


A hand-made jewelry designer inspired by Indian Culture - Opus Creo also made a video sting for trade show use.

Property Promotion

Opus Creo made this video to promote the Stella Maris Village in Long Island, The Bahamas. The video was used at a trade show to roll through the various properties available and to display images provided by the property vendors.

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