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It is apparent in today's market that we have to balance our online presence with our face-to-face customers. One key to this experience is your brand. Moving from online, your web site, your social media, to a product that you deliver is largely about your brand. It is very important for the giants like Amazon, that the whole experience involves the brand. This means that from website or social media to delivery (a package, your shop or an e-mail) your brand must shine through...

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Often, branding starts with a logo. Your logo decides your first impression, your color scheme and your business card. It is more important than you think, when you start to put your logo onto your purchase orders, your invoices, your letterhead. Your branding needs to be purposeful.

Opus Creo starts the branding exercise with a personal interview. We need to understand who you are, what your goals are and what you want to say to a prospect when they first discover you. First impressions count and often, if you are not there, it is your logo.

At Opus Creo, we get the colored pencils out, we draw and create a profile for you, rough ideas that can then be fine tuned into an electronic image that represents you.

Below are some examples of Logos and branding that we have created. All of our logos are hand drawn and designed by us with your future success in mind. Large corporates spend millions on redesigning their logos to express them as their business changes. Get it right, ask us to help you design your branding.

You may have got bored by now reading this, but if you haven't then let me throw a few more thoughts to you before you contact us. what are you going to do when:

  • You do your first trade show and you need your logo to be 6 foot high and 10 feet wide?
  • You need to send a fax and your logo doesn't work in Black and White?
  • You want to make some branded mugs and they tell you that you are only allowed 3 colors?
  • You want a new brochure and the printer tells you they need 300dpi?

We know and understand all of these issues and questions so that you don't need to worry about it. We do it right, at the outset, so that you don't suffer later.

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