Why is branding so important?

When we say Coca-Cola, you can immediately picture the logo, the colors they use, the font style. It just comes to you….because their branding is solid. Even if someone were to show you the exact color of red they use, and nothing else…it is likely that you would be able to guess what brand the color came from. That is a sure sign of strong and powerful branding.

Granted, Coca-Cola is a huge worldwide company, that has developed greatly over the years….but your brand should still have the same affect. People should know your logo when they see it, what the logo means, what company you are, and be able to recognize your brand over other brands. The idea of branding, is to distinguish yourself from your competitors, and clarify why you are the better choice.

Your branding, and your logo is the face of your company. It is how clients and customers are going to get to know you, and recognize you out in the market. The more they see your logo and recognize it, the more trustworthy you become, and the better impression you give upon first glance.

An eye-catching logo, that clearly sends out a message to the customers is a sure way to bring in new business and make yourself recognized.

Good branding doesn’t just happen, it takes careful thought and a strategic plan. It is about color choices, font styles, font sizes, layout, website design, your posts on social media, your marketing materials…everything must be carefully considered, so that the right branding demonstrates your company, and people will recognize and trust your brand.

At Opus Creo, we take great pride in helping our clients with their branding. Through in person meetings, mood boards, style guides, presentations, and discussions with your target audience, we are able to begin the process of creating you a solid brand!

If you have any questions about branding, or if you are considering re-branding, or you have just thought about starting up your own business, we would love to help you with this process!


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