Opus Creo loves to go on the road to work with new clients on building their business and Ace Contracting approached us to help them establish their brand.

When we first started talking to Ace Contracting Services, LLC, we were impressed with the vast knowledge and experience they already had in their industry.  The owners, Ernie and Teena Warren, were keen to take their business to the next level by winning more and bigger bids, automating their systems, and establishing their brand.

As a provider of services for installing traffic signals, highway and road lighting, and fiber optic cabling, they needed a profile that would allow new customers to take their business seriously when bidding for larger, more lucrative projects.  “We have the expertise, the experience, and the team to complete bigger projects.  Our current customers are keen to work with us due to our commitment to providing the best service in the shortest time and on budget.  Opus Creo are allowing us to meet the demand of our customers and raise the awareness of our brand and offering.  We really couldn’t be doing this without them!” said Ernie Warren, Owner of Ace Contracting Services, LLC.

Teena Warren said, “Opus Creo is more than a marketing agency, thay have become invaluable business consultants, showing us how to succeed in the online world and take our new business into our industry at the right level.  They have created a brand, developed marketing campaigns with both internal and external customers, and helped us automate our processes.”

One of the challenges that ACE has is meeting the needs of large government contracts while at the same time being able to address smaller commercial projects.  Opus Creo addresses that challenge by becoming immersed in the business of the client, understanding the needs of their customers, and delivering the solution in a way that the client can take forward.

Stay tuned for more information about this new client and the launch of their brand!

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