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Casa Creatives Club – UK

Casa Creatives Club is part of a larger organization that includes retail sales of Interior Design (Casa Uniqua). Casa Creatives Club is the educational/membership part of the organization. Opus Creo took the disparate parts of the Casa brand and put them together...

Bent Tree Community

This project took a total of about 16 weeks from initial design discussions to launch. The Bent Tree web site is a total of 6 sites within a WordPress multi-site network. Main, Golf, Tennis, Stables, Tavern, Real-Estate and Members Only each have their own place to...

Social Media

Social Media isn't really a skill, more an understanding. If you are looking for help and advice with Social Media then we can definitely help you. We can set you up with a website that drives Social Media, we can coach you and train you in Social Media and we can...

Responsive Design

There are many clever, quirky, perhaps funny images on this site, but this relatively boring image expresses one of the most important things in website design today. Responsive behavior of a website describes its ability to respond to the device that the web browser...

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation describes a way that the things that you should do every day can be automated. As soon as you have a person's e-mail address or phone number, you can automate your day to day contact with people. You can keep people interested and promote your...


Wordpress is the #1 Content Management System. For the majority of Small Business, Wordpress does exactly what they need. Opus Creo are experienced and experts in the entire Wordpress Codex and architecture.

Social Media

Many of our clients are looking for a website that will deliver their business to Social Media. This is one of the most complex parts of our business, where we help you push your Brand, Design and Content out to the people you want to reach. Then we bring them back to...


Joomla is a Content Management System similar to Wordpress. Basically, CMS use databases to arrange content that you create and present it into a website when a page is requested. The biggest different between Wordpress and Joomla is that Wordpress is post-centric and...


Infusionsoft is the King of Marketing Automation. They set the scene and pushed the technology along. The only reason Infusionsoft is not our favorite is because for Small Business, there are competitors now that are easier to understand and easier to maintain for...

Adobe Creative Suite

We use the entire Adobe Creative Suite as a core of our business. Whether it is images, brochures, videos, logos, animations or models, we use Adobe Creative Suite. Why? because most other people use it too. If we need to send or receive files or convert them into...

Active Campaign

Active Campaign is our preferred market automation engine. We love Marketing Automation in general, it frees you up from repetitive tasks and allows you to focus on what makes you special. Why do we prefer Active Campaign? It is integrated with more other features...


Structured Query Language is used for searching databases. At the end of the day, your website is hopefully going to be based on a database. Everything you type, post, create or upload is somehow part of a database. When you create a new blog post, it has a title,...


PHP is a programming language that runs on the server to make the page you are looking at. Wordpress is written in PHP and so is this page that you are looking at. A PHP script decides what is sent to the browser that you are looking at.


Javascript and jQuery are used for a lot of the dynamic behavior of your website, the things that change when you click on them. A great example of Javascript in action is an image slider, where the slides change every second to a new image.


Cascading Style Sheets are used to describe font sizes, padding, shapes, colors, size and everything else. CSS is the thing that changes the structure of HTML content into the pretty things that you love to see on a website.


HTML is the basis ingredient of websites. It is the technology that structures this page and gives you links that you can click on. We are experts in HTML and XML and know how to structure it and use it to build exciting and engaging websites. This page is made with...

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